Futher readings on ‘ The War-Prayer ‘

Articles linked form Journal of  Transnational American Studies

website : http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas/

Makoto Nagawara
A Comment on the War-Prayer: Mark Twain ‘Never Ceased to Grow’ http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas/vol1/iss1/art19

Edward J. Blum
God’s Imperialism: Mark Twain and the Religious War between Imperialists and Anti-Imperialists http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas/vol1/iss1/art21

Helen Lock
Twain’s Rhetoric of Irony in ‘the War-Prayer’ http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas/vol1/iss1/art32

…And you may find many articles on the topic,there.